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 Chris Mentor Me is an Internet Marketing Exclusive brought to you by one of the most respected and genuine Internet Marketers on the web today!

Chris Farrell is launching Chris Mentor Me on the 6th September 2011 and is an intense 6 week course in which he guarantees you will make money online by the end of the  course.  A very bold guarantee, but one which I know Chris with his online experience is able to make.  His membership ‘Chris Farrell Membership’ has been voted No.1 Internet Marketing Service Online for the past 2 years.

Chris Mentor Me is a 6 week intensive course which will :-

Demystify the ‘making money online process’

Ensure that everyone taking part will make their first money online during those 6 weeks.

A major stumbling block to most people trying to start a business online is lack of knowledge….what to do and in what order!

There are 3 major steps to achieve an online business :-  Chris Mentor Me

 Find a profitable niche


 Build a list in this niche


 Market related products to your list



“Success/results can be achieved only when one understands what one is doing”, says Chris.

So Chris Mentor Me will not only guarantee that every participant will make money during the 6 weeks, more importantly, every participant will have an understanding of how this business works, so that the process can be continually repeated.

Once a participant is aware of these processes, these steps will be laser focused in weekly webinars, detailed video support, full support via a Members only CMM  forum and live chat and support desk.  All helping towards accomplishing actionable goals. 



The 6 week program will be broken down as follows :-

Week 1 - Making Money Online

To Include:-   Step 1: Your Income Blueprint

                              Step 2: Niche Navigation

Week 2 - Building A Bullet Proof Business  

To Include:-   Step 1: Techie Time        

                              Step 2: Creating Your Compelling Offer

Week 3 - Show Me The Money                              

To Include:-  Step 1: Ready, Aim, Fire     

                             Step 2: Your Payment Platform

                             Step 3: Dollar Domination

Week 4 – Perpetual Cash Machine    

To Include:-  Step 1: List Loyalty

                             Step 2: Gaining and Maintaining Customers

                             Step 3: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Week 5 – Transcending Transactions                       

To Include:- Step 1: Building a Business Not Just A Sale

                            Step 2: The Warm Call

                            Step 3: Productivity          

And then last but not least the all important …….

Week 6 – Traffic

To Include :- Step 1: Attitude of Gratitude (important relationship building)

                             Step 2: Building a Money Magnet  (powerful traffic techniques)

                             Step 3: Facebook Fellowship (facebook traffic)

Of course this is only a little teaser of what you will be recieving if you decide Chris Mentor Me is for you, but who better to tell you so much more about the program , than the man himself !  So just take a few minutes of your time and Click Here to listen to what Chris has to offer you. 

Chris Mentor Me 

Thanks for your time and if you decide to take part in Chris Mentor Me, be sure to revisit and leave me your comments.  



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