Chris Farrell Membership Review

Aimed at Beginners and Newcomers, Chris Farrell Membership and ‘Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon’ has taken the internet by storm!

Having been a member of Chris Farrell Membership for just over a year now, I felt the time was right to write a complete review of how I personally feel about joining such a membership which can greatly benefit the beginner or newcomer online.

Having written smaller reviews on previous occasions, I wanted to write a more in-depth review, so each section can be reviewed on its own merit. I am also very proud to be a part of a membership which has been Voted No.1 Internet Marketing Service.

Contents at a glance include :

Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon
A Web Business Explained…..Video Tutorials to enable you to Watch Learn and Do!
Success Grenade….Teaches the newcomer how to make money online
Introducing Chris Farrell Membership
Becoming a member and benefits of membership
21 Days To Success
I Love Traffic You Love Traffic

Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon has quickly become the most popular ‘have’ eBook on the internet today. Aimed at ‘beginners and newcomers’ it is a simple step-by-step guide to creating your first website, and possibly the beginning of growing and nuturing your very own online business.

The author of the book is Chris Farrell, who was himself new to internet marketing in February 2008, and he quickly realised that the internet was badly lacking in information especially aimed at the ‘newbie’.

Although there is so much information available, most newcomers in the beginning stages know nothing of how to piece everything together to create something workable and practicable. It was as he began his own journey that Chris realised that there was a wide open market that could be filled, and so Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon was produced.

The simple yet still comprehensive book includes :

How To Sart Creating
Downloading and Installing
Domain Name Servers
Creating Your First Webpage
Saving Files Correctly
Publishing Your First Webpage

Video Tutorials……
Watch, Learn and Do!

Many people find it easier to learn by observing, following and then implementing what they see. Simple and clear videos nowadays are the way to go for many beginners online. A greater understanding can be achieved by ‘seeing what you have to do’ rather than ‘reading what you have to do’. Chris Farrell’s next step was to create a complete set of video tutorials which beautifully complimented his eBook. ‘A Web Business Explained’ are 26 free to view videos which takes the beginner through the whole process of creating their first website but this time through a visual experience.

The beauty of this is that the viewer can actually ‘watch and do’ at the same time, pausing the video at any given time to master a certain area and then continuing when feeling comfortable and ready. Simple and clear they are totally backed up with very clear and concise instructions, talking the viewer through every single step from the very beginning to the very end where they will have their first website complete and published online for the whole world to see.

Success Grenade

Teaches The Newcomer How To Make Money Online…

Success Grenade is a rapidly growing weekly VIDEO newsletter also written by Chris and teaches the newcomer how to make money online. Once signed up to recieve the eBook ‘Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon’ a visitor is automatically subscribed to a newsletter which every week is crammed full of helpful tips and tricks.

To give an idea of topics covered in each edition of Success Grenade, you can look forward to the following :

How to really make money online (from someone that is
actually doing it) – the whole process explained step by step

How to drive an avalanche of traffic to your site

How to create quality free gifts that will have your visitors
scrambling for more

How to source red hot products

Why you need to know what an autoresponder is

How exactly to take payments online

How to create an opt in form for your webpage

How to generate traffic to your site (techniques that actually work)

How to upload an eBook

How to put video on your site

How to create your own video message

How to sell someone else’s product

Keywords – what they are how to use them

Every Success Grenade is aimed at the beginner and newcomer



Introducing Chris Farrell Membership

The natural progression to Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon and Success Grenade

Chris Farrell Membership is the most logical progression from Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon, and Success Grenade.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review I have been a member for just over a year, so therefore I consider myself more than qualified to be speaking so openly about the content available here.

I first came across Chris’ site as a relative newcomer myself to the world of internet marketing. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have found him so early on. We’ve all heard the horror stories unfortunately, of people that have wasted so much time and money just trying the next offer to come along which is going to make them ‘big money’ only to find that yet again their fingers have been burned and find themselves no further along from where they were before they purchased the so called ‘product’. Dont get me wrong there are some very useful products out there and also great information, but how do you begin to implement what you’ve just purchased if you have no idea how?

Chris Farrell completely solved this problem with his new membership site. Having learned the hard way he knew exactly what a beginner needed to get started online.


Becoming A Member
Outstanding contents and benefits available within the membership

Becoming a member of Chris Farrell Membership is probably the best move anyone beginning online could ever make.

Chris offers so much more than is already covered here.

A complete treasure chest of resources can be found within the site. Along with all the video tutorials and fantastic articles can be found other valuable help, which has yet to be seen being offered by any other membership. Chris makes available free hosting exclusively for his members which itself is a massive saving especially for the beginner who is often starting with a very restricted budget.

Technical help from a fantastic team who deal with any issues or problems you may have regarding getting your website up and running. Support is also available in the form of a wonderful discussion forum where members are able to communicate with eachother backing up the support from the technical team in offering help, advice and motivation and this discussion forum has now become affectionately known as ‘The Family’.

Broadly speaking this membership offers everything a ‘beginner’ needs to know and all housed under ‘one roof’. The likelyhood is that joining this membership site can eliminate the need in the very beginning to go searching anywhere else for information regarding getting started online and this really can relieve enormously the worry of finding all the pieces of what can appear to be a very big jig-saw puzzle to many.

Having said that Chris Farrell Membership is focused mainly at the beginner it can also be proud of the fact that even the most experienced of marketers online still choose to become a member, due to the fact that Chris continually adds content and valuable information almost on a daily basis. There is always something new to learn no matter what your level of experience.

Since I have joined he has introduced so many new departments, and a few prime examples are as follows :

21 Days To Success

21 Days To Success introduces what Chris likes to refer to as E.U.I. which stands for Educate – Understand – Implement. Too many newcomers almost certainly suffer from what is known  as ‘Information Overload’ and this can cause them to quit almost before they have even begun. 21 Days To Success will give you a greater understanding of how to create a successful web business.






 I Love Traffic You Love Traffic

Once you have learned the new skills required and you have your website online, ‘I Love Traffic You Love Traffic’ was created and is dedicated to driving traffic to that website. Chris has left no stone unturned when it comes to traffic generation and here are some of the modules he has created to help drive as many visitors as possible to your site :

- Tracking Your Traffic Sources

- Search Engines: How Google Works

- Keywords

- Forum Marketing

- Email Signatures

- Creating a Newsletter

- Introduction to Articles

- List Swaps

- Article Marketing and Content Distribution

- Autoresponder Swaps

- Classified Ads

- Online Giveaways

- Latest Traffic Stats

- Becoming a Newsletter Contributor

- Introduction to Social Bookmarking

- Social Bookmarking Explained

- Google Alerts and Omgili Explained

- Video Marketing – Animoto

It has to be said, that’s an awful lot of traffic generating information to have. Traffic generation is an area in which most struggle, but here Chris has covered such a vast area, that even a few of them will appeal to most and can be tried and tested to suit.


Social Media especially Facebook is becoming a powerful marketing tool. A new forum dedicated to all things ‘Facebook’ is soon to be added to the membership site, and is imminently awaited by all existing members. We all know from experience that this newly created Facebook forum will be as invaluable as all the other content which is available at Chris Farrell Membership.

I said that this review was going to be in-depth, but I have probably taken up too much of your valuable time already. So maybe a guided tour may be of some help here too!

I do hope that you have found this review helpful, I know how difficult it can be to find adequate information when researching online, and finding the correct direction in which to go to suit your needs. I have been totally honest with my review, and you only have to google Chris Farrell to see that not one negative review or comment can be found about Chris himself or his membership. But maybe I should leave the last word to Chris and you can take the opportunity to listen to his views regarding creating a successful online business.
Just click here and listen to what he has to say!

If you would like further information or access to a copy of ‘Create Your First Website By 3.45 This Afternoon’ click on the link here

Thank you kindly for your time